1.1 Wireless fire (smoke and temperature) detector:
Wireless fire (smoke and temperature) detector detects the presence of fire inside a building. It reacts to visible smoke or when a critical temperature in the room is exceeded. It contains a built-in local warning siren.
Complies with EU Directives 98/34/ES and 98/48/ES

1.2 Wireless Gas leak Detector
The Watchman wireless gas leak detector detects all mixtures of air and combustible gas (Natural Gas, Methane, Propane, Butane, Acetylene, GPL etc).

1.3 Wireless dual-zone PIR motion detector
The watchman wireless dual-zone PIR motion detector detects human movement inside buildings. 2-zone detection gives superior immunity to moving pets.

1.4 Panic Button
Panic Button allows you to instantly send an SMS, MMS or email to your list of contacts in case of emergency.

1.5 Wireless Siren
We have wireless indoor and outdoor siren sounds when an intruder alarm has been triggered and confirms the actual presence of an intruder in the building by sending a tamper signal when it gets unplugged.

1.6 Wireless Magnetic Door Detector & Universal Transmitter
The device is designed to detect the opening of doors, windows etc.

1.7 Flood Detector
The detector indicates room water floods (e.g. cellars, bathrooms).