Firesafe GPG Mortar

GPG is a powder consisting of plaster, perlite and fiberglass which, when added to water, turns into a white fireproof mass in liquid or stiff consistency. GPG is a gypsum-based fast-fired fireproof mass with good mechanical strength and good sound insulation.

GPG has a good thermal conductivity even in small thicknesses around all technical installations, which isolates against thermal effects. GPG is volume-increasing in curing and has good adhesion to all urban materials. GPG is mainly used for fire sealing of large or small holes and openings around technical installations such as cable, pipes and ventilation gates, as well as empty recesses in walls, covers and ceilings of brick/cast or plasterboard structures with fire resistance up to 240 minutes with thicknesses as specified in product documentation.

The GPG mass has good mechanical strength so that the fire seal is not affected by mechanical damage during a fire.