Lighting Automation Solutions:

Lighting can change a person’s mood, it adds aesthetic beauty to any structure. Lighting automation enables creating different lighting scene and makes the right atmosphere for any occasion. It’s the way that helps to control the lighting system automatically from a single point.

  • The lighting system will be automatically switched on/off as well as dimmed or changed in different mode according to the needs.
  • This intelligent system will automatically sense the presence of personnel and switch on/off the lights.

  • It helps to change the environment.
  • Switching on/ off or dimming on any particular day or any particular time is also possible if it is needed.
  • Saves energy Adjust the lighting system with the change of natural light. It can automatically dim the lighting adjusting to the sunlight and can also brighten when sunlight is few.
  • All the features can be controlled centrally.

Commercial Lighting Control:

Harness the energy saving power of automatic dimming daylight harvesting, load sheding and demand response Ezzy provides lighting control and energy management that is Integrated by Design™ by Crestron products. From hardware to software, and leveraging engineering and design expertise, Ezzy has everything needed to integrate commercial lighting control with HVAC, Building Management Systems (BMS), shading, AV, digital signage, and security, to deliver a highly energy efficient building.

From individual room solutions, to comprehensive centralized lighting control installations, Ezzy has the products, systems, training, design assist and service to help support you through every step of your project.

Whatever your level of energy sustainability, we can make an impact

Our solutions are completely scalable so you can expand as your needs grow.

  • Retrofit:
    Wireless automation is an ideal way to start making simple changes that lead to better efficiency, without making significant capital investments.
  • Ongoing Enhancements:
    Ezzy brings lighting, temperature, and technology together so you can get accurate data and manage energy usage across the entire building
  • New Construction:
    Optimal efficiency can be achieved when all building systems are Integrated by Design from the start of the project. Only then can disparate systems operate together as a single system, and when the building is complete, occupants can monitor, manage and control energy usage throughout the building from a dashboard.