Ezzy Automations provides GSM MMS based Alarm System is also called as GSM MMS Camera; it is the device that integrated with camera and utilizes GSM cellular technology (GPRS) for intrusion detection and alarm.
The majority GSM MMS Alarm Systems consist of PIR (Passive Infra-red) detection sensors, low-resolution camera, infra-red LEDs and GSM modem inside. How it works? When the PIR detectors and Camera detect the movement, the alarm will be triggered. When alarm is triggered, the camera will take one or two three pictures, then send MMS using GSM modem. Infra-red LED is for night vision.

24/7 professional Central monitoring Center Solution
Ezzy Automations provides 24/7 professional central monitoring through call center for clients. Whenever service is needed, Ezzy is ready to provide any time.