It is a standalone Intelligent Security Alarm System designed for Banks, factory, Godown, shops, individual apartment, home as well as any commercial place. WATCHMAN includes intelligent devices and sensors which automatically detects a threat and sends alarm notifications with photo and video to some predefined target mobile phones and emails as well as the Central Monitoring Center.

This Security System sends Photos by capturing photographs and video recording of the intruders or the incident instantly to the predefined target as well as to the Monitoring Center which can then take the necessary action.


  • Monitor and send alarms to Monitoring Center of DPPS or others with or without anyone on duty.
  • Real time photos sent to different selectable targets
  • Message to registered mobile numbers automatically.
  • Generate automatic phone calls to different phone numbers and Monitoring center.
  • Work with wireless door/ window contract, PIR motion sensor, smoke/ gas detector, glass break detector etc.
  • SMS & MMS notification if any sensor is triggered.
  • Remote control from outside to arm/ disarm/ turn on siren/ Turn off siren.
  • Remote Listening –in to monitoring all conversations or noises at the location.
  • Video storage function.
  • Emergency notification by a remote controller or an emergency Panic button.

This Intelligent Security Alarm System is connected with central monitoring center of Police called Digital Police Protection System

Digital Police Protection System (DPPS):

Digital Police Protection System is a centrally monitored intelligent security solution designed to monitor and instantly respond to any emergency situation like BURGLARY, THEFT, ACT OF VANDALISM, UN-AUTHORISED ENTRY, FIRE OR ANY OTHER DANGER where timely response can save life and property. This system also automatically collects audio/video/photo evidence of the criminal as well as the crime committed or intended to be committed. This unique security system allows the POLICE to provide protection and monitor any number of locations throughout the country remotely from a central monitoring station. This helps the Police departments to provide fail-proof security to people and their property using remote surveillance and monitoring.

In Bangladesh, a Central Monitoring Center (CMC) has been established at Dhaka Metropolitan Police control room and Chittagong Metropolitan Police control room from where DMP &CMP will give you the required 24/7 monitoring service against burglary, theft, loot, arson, un-authorized entry, etc. Such a monitoring facility can be installed at the owners’ premises and run by their own people also.

• Directly connected to the central Monitoring Center of Dhaka Metropolitan & Chittagong Metropolitan

• Monitor safety & security of people system from a central command center.

• 24/ 7 surveillance solution.

• Ease of finding a location by Map

• Take necessary preventive measures remotely.

• Respond instantly.