WATCHMAN PSTN & GSM dual network Alarm System:

1. Touch keypad on the panel, big LCD display to show SETUP menu

2. User can start intercom call to other number on the panel, and also can inquiry the SIM card balance directly by call

3. Preset freely 5 phone numbers as call or SMS alarm number into the system, Preset 1 extra SMS alarm number for AC power failure, host/sensor LOW-VOLTAGE, PSTN ANTI-CUT, ARM/DISARM real-time status etc.

4. Quick alarm on the panel for medical alarm, fire alarm and burglary alarm .

5. Support 30 wireless zones+ 4 wired zones, support 1 more replay output port, 1 +-12V output to support home appliance .

6. Quick call max 3 preset group of numbers on the panel .

7. Open or close the siren separately for each zone .

8. SMS alert for temperature alarm, temperature range is 00℃-70℃.

9. Contact ID compatible with CMS Facility Standard Package List: Alarm host X1, Wireless door sensor X1, Wireless infrared sensor X1, Remote controls X2, AC power X1

Wireless peripherals:

Wireless Vibration Detector, Wireless Ceiling PIR, Wireless PIR Motion Detector, Wireless Magnetic Contact, Wireless Panic Button, Wireless Outdoor Strobe Siren, Wireless Indoor Strobe Siren, Wireless Glass Break Sensor, Wireless Remote Controller