The most important aspect of Ezzy Automations Fire Protection Pump package is the reliability of the firefighting pumping system to ensure adequate water supply at required pressure at emergency conditions.

The main pump of our fire protection pumping system is the electricity driven fire pump having capacity as much as 5000 GPM (18,925 L/min), Pressures up to 255 PSI. The space saving design of this pump make it easier to install in congested paces like in modern residential buildings where not much space is left for pump room.

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Fire Pumps_02
Engine Driven fire pump is the backup fire pump at the system. When the main electrical power supply fails, the engine driven fire pump, which is usually driven by Diesel, run the pump to flow water is sprinklers and hydrants.

Our reliable Jockey Pumps from various listed vendors ensure that, if a fire-sprinkler or hydrant is activated, there will be a pressure drop, which will be sensed by the fire pumps automatic controller, which will cause the fire pump to start and provide adequate pressure.

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