The main objective of a Fire Alarm System is to perceive hazardous circumstances that could damage life, property and resources such as a fire, an explosion, a chemical spill or radiation. It becomes a colossal task to identify and suppress a fire in real-time for any organization without a perpetual Fire Detection & Protection system.

Ezzy Automations has extensive information and expertise in Fire Automation System. We offer the systems as mentioned below:

  1. Fire Alarm System;
  2. Control Panels
  3. Sensors – Smoke/Heat
  4. Manual Call Points
  5. Notification – Bells, Strobes, Horns, PA System


  1. Fire suppression and fighting
  2. Sprinklers and Hydrants
  3. Fire water pumps, Fire water tanks.
  4. Extinguisher, Chemical

Services we provide:

  • Site visit and consulting if needed
  • Preliminary Engineering to design the system
  • Supply of Equipment
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Training


We are official distributors of “Leader” for Fire Detection System.

Our people are well acquainted with different type of systems, International (NFPA) and National (BNBC) Standards for Design Installation & Commissioning.