Ezzy Automations the main provider for automation solution provider in Bangladesh has brought the unique home automation solution to make your home more comfortable than ever. The innovative technologies are bringing so many changes in our life to make it more valuable, comfortable and safe. The home automation solution is one of the breakthrough innovations that bring many dreams closure to us. Think about your own home, when you enter the security system recognizes you and give you an easy access to the interior. The lights insight to home automatically turned on and so the air-conditioning system. The opportunity to keep your home safe and secure with accessible gadgets and no high monthly fees has been a driving factor in the rapid growth of the smart home. Smart home security systems are simple and inexpensive, making this a great entry point into the smart home ecosystem. Here are some of the key.

What are the core facilities of Home Automation:

Smart Locks: A smart lock uses Bluetooth-enabled smartphones to nous when a recognized user is forthcoming and unlock itself.

Smart Surveillance: Whether you want to keep an eye on the inside or outside of your home, wireless cameras make the process simple.

Smart Sensors: Sensors are at the heart of a smart home and are built into most connected devices.

Smart Smoke Detectors: The smoke detector can easily sense any suspicious fire and turn on the smoke alarm.

Smart Combinations: The combination of smart lighting, smart outlets and smart HVAC components can create a seamlessly automated home.

Smart Doors: With a smart garage door opener you can open and close your garage door from anywhere.

Smart Lighting: Smart lights provide you complete control over your environment, allowing you to create special lighting for entertainment.