Fire the outmost calamity creator for any organization, factory, warehouse or supermarkets. All concerned authorities should have an appropriate preparation to reduce the risk of the calamity. There are some international standards and principles, if followed properly can really reduce the risk of being lost property and lives. These standards are followed by most global entities to protect their properties and resources all around the world. The standards of agencies comprises with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC). There are so many non-branded fire automation solutions available in the local market. Most of these products do not comprise with international standards nor having good customer reviews. Product breakage or inactivity during the exact calamity occurs most times for these non-reliable products. Being a leader of fire automation solutions, Ezzy Automations do understand these problems and start to working with most standard internationally reputed brands that most global companies relies on.

Including many reputed brands Ezzy Automations is exclusively distributing ‘LEADER’ the most reliable international firefighting equipment in Bangladesh. ‘LEADER’ has different models of devices for fire alarm system, industry wise specifically designed for large and small properties.

‘LEADER’ is an international brand operating almost all the subcontinents of the world with utmost reputation. They are designing high-tech, long-lasting and persistently reliable devices and solutions for firefighting, search and rescue or security teams to protect and save people’s lives and valuable properties. ‘LEADER’ has a unique array of products categories like: smoke extraction fans, fire branches and monitors, buried victim rescue equipment, lighting, water and foam extinguishers, rubble clearing equipment and many more. They have a high-end research and development lab to bring new solutions for complex situations that are faced by the world recently. So many government agencies and fire defense organizations are relying and using the ‘LEADER’ equipment and solutions.

Being a Bangladeshi owned company, Ezzy Automations is a proud exclusive partner of ‘LEADER’ in the country. Most Ezzy Automations engineers and technicians are specifically trained to plan, install, commission and maintenance of ‘LEADER’ branded firefighting devices and solutions. The basic benefit of these products is during any occurrence it works perfectly and even the necessity of the maintenance is easy to identify. Ezzy Automations is also providing warranty and after sales services for ‘LEADER’ branded equipment and solutions.

Now the awareness has generated among the local entrepreneurs who are now more concerned about their safety needs. So they are reinstalling their fire safety solutions with internationally acclaimed equipment like ‘LEADER’. Since inauguration, Ezzy Automations has successfully completed installation and commissioning of fire automation solutions for many local and international businesses and important properties. Among those installations many of them was reinstallation work by removing the nonstandard equipment and solutions to international standard solution. It is being also found those properties and businesses using Ezzy Automations solutions are less vulnerable to fire than those using nonstandard equipment.

All the fire safety installations provided by Ezzy Automations can work independently; very less human involvement is necessary to monitor those. So if your property and business is more important than the onetime installation cost, then Ezzy Automations should be the company you should look for.