Imagine walking into a room, having it recognize you, then customize itself to your particular preferences. That is not the future. Designed for use in the workplace, Ezzy Automations uses Bluetooth Low Energy devices to detect nearby people and things. It can automate conference room bookings for users just by them walking into a room. And after they enter. It can update the screens in the room and the nearby devices to give them control.

Video Conferencing Equipment

We are reliable suppliers of a comprehensive range of Conferencing Equipment. It is manufactured by our vendors using quality components so as to offer superior performance. This range is appreciated by our clients for its stereo surround sound and high picture clarity.

Office automation can either be centralized and programmable or consist of decentralized and isolated sensors and controls. It can involve sophisticated electronic programmable controls for lighting, heating, cooling and entertainment devices using a special wiring or wireless controls, or just a few isolated systems being automated, such as motion sensors to control lights.

Operating automated systems uses energy so the automated systems will only lead to energy savings if they save more energy than they use. Priority should first be given to designing an energy efficient office and installing high energy efficient appliances and lighting. Office automation can save energy if it reduces the time that equipment operates or reduces the need to use equipment, e.g. by only switching on lights when they are needed. Aim to design office automation systems to reduce the need for operating or the time that energy-using equipment operates.


Automate lights so they operated only when needed and switch themselves off when rooms are vacant. This can be done through motion sensors and timers or through more elaborate centralized systems. Use motion sensors to switch on external lights when needed or when entering the office rather than leaving lights on. Use motion sensors, light sensors and timing controls to switch off lights when they are no longer needed. Give priority to rooms that often have lights left on unnecessarily like bathrooms, pantries and toilets.

Automation equipment, sensors and controls

Office automation systems work by managing the electric power of the equipment being automatically controlled. The degree of ‘intelligence’ and how it is distributed between the elements of the office automation system varies with the design and with the manufacturer. Control can be implemented by isolated sensors timers and processors embedded in the switches and relays. Alternatively

Ezzy Automations, a sister concern of Ezzy Group in Bangladesh has developed a nationwide network for various safety and automation solutions that includes:

  • Fire Automation solutions
  • Building Automation Solutions
  • Factory Automation Solutions
  • Automatic Curtain Controlling Solution
  • Intelligent Video Door Phone Solution
  • Facade Media Solution
  • Hotel Automation
  • Security Automation
  • Home Automations
  • Lighting Automation
  • HVAC Automation
  • GSM Based Alarm System