Ezzy Automations delivers a new level of comfort, convenience and control for new and existing homes, apartments, hotels and hospitals of all sizes. This technology creates truly scalable systems for any number of rooms giving property operations to ability to manage, configure and secure homes remotely. For any automation need such as Home Automation, Fire Alarm systems or Security Alarm system TSW capacitive touch screen is a must need.
One of our core product is User Interface: Touch Panel
TSW Capacitive Touch Screens (Residential/ Commercial Purpose) Sleek, multi-touch capacitive touch screens with ultra-bright, high-resolution displays make a bold statement in any room.

Available in only Black & White Color

TSW-1050 – 10.1″ Touch Screen
TSW-750 – 7″ Touch Screen
TSW-550 – 5″ Touch Screen

This comes with Scheduling Panels: (Commercial Purpose- Office, Classroom, Hospital)

Network scheduling via Outlook® on Crestron touch screens connects the right people, spaces and technology so meetings go smoothly. Room status is clearly displayed on the panel .

TSS-752 – 7″ Room
Scheduling Touch Screen

TSW-730 – 7″ Room
Scheduling Touch Screen

TPMC-4SMD – 4.3″ Touch
Screen w/Room Scheduling

TPMC-3SMD – 2.8″
Touch Screen w/Room Scheduling

Common Features for Touch Panels are:
All touch panels have Capacitive Touch technology, Smart Graphics support, High-performance H.264 streaming video, Built-in microphone and speakers and they can be used to monitor in IP based CCTV.
RaVa‘ SIP intercom and phone technology.
Customizable audio feedback.
User can control all the Lightings (Switching, Dimming, Different Scene Selection), HVAC, Audio System, Motorized Curtain, TV, Different Multimedia Players (Blu Ray Player, DVD Player etc.), Projector & Projector Screen by using Automation Touch Panels.

Some More Features of TSW Capacitive Touch Screen are:
Soft-Touch Buttons:
The TSW-1050 includes five soft-touch capacitive buttons for quick access to commonly used functions. The buttons are pre-labeled with icons for “Power”, “Home”, “Lights”, “Up”, and “Down” functions.
Streaming Video:
High-performance streaming video capability makes it possible to view security cameras and other video sources right on the touch screen. Video is delivered to the touch screen over Ethernet, eliminating the need for any extra video wiring.
Rava® SIP Intercom:
Rava SIP Intercom Technology enables hands-free VoIP communication with other Rava-enabled touch screens and door stations.
Audio Feedback:
Customized audio files can be loaded to add another dimension to the touch screen graphics using personalized sounds, button feedback, and voice prompts.

Single-Wire Connectivity:

A simple Ethernet LAN connection is all that is required to wire the TSW-1050, containing all control, video, intercom, and power signals within a single wire.
Power over Ethernet:
Using PoE technology, the TSW-1050 gets its operating power right through the LAN wiring. PoE (Power over Ethernet) eliminates the need for a local power supply or any dedicated power wiring.

Ezzy Automations, a sister concern of Ezzy Group in Bangladesh has developed a nationwide network for various safety and automation solutions that includes:


1. Fire Automation solutions

2. Building Automation Solutions

3. Factory Automation Solutions

4. Automatic Curtain Controlling Solution

5. Intelligent Video Door Phone Solution

6. Facade Media Solution

7. Hotel Automation

8. Security Automation

9. Home Automations

10. Lighting Automation

11. HVAC Automation

12. GSM Based Alarm System