Class Room Automation Solution:

Convenient way of study-Automation has changed the definition of the environment of the classroom. The classical view of classroom has been replaced with a fast, modern view through automation. A fast and convenient way of study can be possible using automation. Such as, lighting of a classroom can be controlled along with AC, curtain and projector with a single touch on a touch panel. Now presentation can be delivered clearly using automation while creating audio, video environment with another touch on a touch panel. Here, audio and video streaming is easily possible with multiple video and digital media. Real time annotation and full motion animation are also possible along with video conferencing. Now, learning can be just like playing a game if automation is used in the classroom.

  • Touch panel control of your AV environment
  • Automatic Lighting Control
  • Deliver clear presentations
  • Stream audio and video
  • Embedded multimedia PC
  • Multiple video and digital media
  • Real-time annotation
  • Full-motion animation
  • Annotate over video and graphic presentation sources
  • Switch between fingertip and pen control
  • Switch between touch panel and annotation is transparent so presenter can focus on the presentation instead of the technology