If you are thinking of Lighting Automation Ezzy group is one of the largest and most well-known company in Bangladesh. Lighting Automation Solutions can give you the extraordinary experience of turn select indoor and outdoor lights on or off automatically every time your arm or disarm your security system. Tell your system to turn one set of lights on 30 minutes before you get home from work and turn another off an hour after you have gone to bed. Ezzy Automation Bangladesh is the largest lighting automation solutions providing company in Bangladesh. They are the pioneer service providers in the automation business. No matter what is your purposes we are here. If you want to make you home a dreamy place where all lights come on and off in a programmable way we can provide you the required solution for you. Not only lighting automation but also Fire Alarm Systems, Home Automation, Security Alarm Systems for all of these Ezzy Automations is the best choice for you.
Some of the Lighting Control System Provide by Ezzy Automation Bangladesh:
Dimmers :They provide variable indoor lighting and reduce wattage and output thus saving energy in the process. Dimmers provide energy savings as they are used at a reduced level.

Motion Sensor Controls: They are designed to automatically turn outdoor lights when any movement is detected and turn them off after a short while. Motion sensors are especially useful for outdoor lighting purposes to provide safety and security for your premises.

Occupancy Sensor : They are designed to detect the dweller’s indoor activity within a certain area. Occupancy sensors turn lights on when someone enters a room and then turn off when the person’s absence.

Photo Sensor: They are useful for preventing unnecessary usage of outdoor lights during daylight hours. Photo sensors are designed to sense ambient light conditions, which makes them turn on or off all types of outdoor lighting such as your frond sign or your billboard sign or you out door light.

Timers: They are used to turn on or off indoor and outdoor lights at specific periods of time. The two types of timers include manual and programmable timers. Their controls work well with LED and CFL light bulbs.

Ezzy Automations, a sister concern of Ezzy Group in Bangladesh has developed a nationwide network for various safety and automation solutions that includes:

  • Fire Automation solutions
  • Building Automation Solutions
  • Factory Automation Solutions
  • Automatic Curtain Controlling Solution
  • Intelligent Video Door Phone Solution
  • Facade Media Solution
  • Hotel Automation
  • Security Automation
  • Home Automations
  • Lighting Automation
  • HVAC Automation
  • GSM Based Alarm System