Ezzy Automations is providing the hotel automation that enables hotel owners the convenience of controlling multiple functions in their room including lighting, temperature, drapes and audio/video systems using automated interfaces. It also enables seamless integration with HVAC, door locks, computerized maintenance management & reservation system and guest room management system from the comfort of guests’ bed. We are the pioneer company who are providing hotel automation in Bangladesh.

Our Hotel Automation System Provide

Centrally monitoring system

Manage and control architectural and interior lighting


Security Automation

Digital signage and distributed audio and video

Eazy Automation is the first choice for hotel automation in Bangladesh. Our software generates reports to analyze room and device usage, runs remote diagnostics and schedules routine maintenance.

Ezzy Automations offer comprehensive hotel automation in Bangladesh integrated with various other systems in the hotel for effective controls such as:

  1. Low voltage switching system including TV, lights, HVAC system through comfort consoles.
  2. Integration with other in-room electronic devices such as user’s friendly electronic safe, electronic door lock and so on.
  3. Room status monitoring system for energy management.
  4. We are all about saving your money and time equals to money. The more effective the processes, the less time wasted
  5. Every room can be managed individually by hotel staff at the front desk depending on its conditions

Most of the world class hotels with old school hospitality rely on automation to provide the best customer stay experience. Other automation technologies like integrating guest rooms with hotel management system enables staff to monitor heating, ventilation and plumbing to reduce energy costs and plan better guest room services. For increase revenue to your hotels you need a complete automated system.

Ezzy Automations served a number of top class clients to secure their resources from potential fire hazards. There are clients from almost all industries like: Garment and other leading factories, IT and Telecom companies, Corporate Houses and large Shopping Malls are taking fire protection systems and supports from Ezzy Automations. Ezzy Automations have employed a number of high end engineers and technicians devising industry oriented experiences to configuration, installation and maintenance of hotel automation and other security systems.